Tommy Thompson
Campina, Romania
I was on vacation in Romania
from Febuary 25 to March 15th.
I had the privilege of sharing
my vacation with my friend
Alexandru. We arrived at the
airport in Bucharest on 2-25-06
at about midnight. It was
lightly snowing and very cold.
Before that, we were in
Amsterdam for an 8 hour layover
and I made the most of my time
there by walking around the
beautiful old city. They have
many canals there and many
shops and people. It's a
beautiful city with clean
everything and great
architecture. I was exhausted
when I took the train back to
the airport, which was like a
roller-coaster ride because I
was facing backwards and the
train was rocking. Anyway, my
digital camera broke when I got
to Amsterdam, so I wasn't able
to take any pictures with it.
Big bummer.
There's an 8 hour time
difference, it's 8 pm here and
12 noon in Hamburg, Arkansas.
Alexandru's parents picked us
up from Bucharest and drove us
an hour and a half to Campina.
It was very late, but we had a
delicious meal, which is
customary here.
I tried some homemade palinca
plum brandy, which is served
hot. It's a very strong
traditional sweet liquor and it
tastes great. For an appetiser,
we had some white goat cheese
that was tart and a little
salty served with tomatoes and
bread. I had red wine with my
meal, which was delicious
stuffed mushrooms and stuffed
pastries. Everybody drank
Tuborg beer, which is a good
medium body beer. I started
drinking Tuborg the rest of my
time in Romania. The family
that I'm very lucky to be
staying with is very nice and
friendly. They are the
Georgescu's. "Ta ta" means pa
pa. Alex's dad was called
Cristi by friends. I called him
ta ta. I called his mom moma,
which I think is fairly
universal. Hello Ruxandra!
She's Alex's sister. I miss
you, Ruxi.  One day I'll marry
that girl and drag her back to
Hamburg... She's so sweet.

Across the street here in
Campina is an Orthodox church,
which is pictured to the right.
You can click on the small
pictures to get a larger
It snowed about 7 inches the
day after I got here. We walked
around in it and I experienced
my first really good snow. It
was beautiful, of course and it
made good snowballs. The next
day people started shoveling
snow off of the sidewalks and
Campina is a fairly small town
of about 30,000 people, I
guess. They have open air
markets that sell flowers,
fruits, cheeses and such. They
also have an indoor food mall.
People walk alot here.
I watched Alex play soccer
(football) with his old
high-school pals. Man, it was

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Castle Bran
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Griffin House, the court house in
The guys after playing football in
the freezing, wet night.
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Speedy Alexandru
The Orthodox church.
Click to enlarge Griffin House
Cold Tommy watching soccer - er
A wooden grave marker at the
Orthodox church.
Monica and Ruxandra, two fine gals.
Romanian snow shovel
Our rental car.
Carpathians from
Snow in Campina